Meet Ian “Red Beard” Porter

There is a lot about Ian Porter that is typical for a detailer. He has a lifelong love of cars and trucks. When he bought his first vehicle, he was passionate about keeping it meticulously clean, and that prompted friends and family to bring their vehicles to him to clean so their vehicles too would always look awesome.

He got his first job in a local car dealership, which inevitably divides the grease monkeys from the monkey shines! It was there that he consolidated his passion for polishing car paint and reviving car interiors, rather than pursuing the mechanical side of the industry.

At the dealership, Ian began detailing cars professionally, laying a stable foundation for his work. He was able to hone his skills with a power buffer, learn all about car paint and how it reacts to its environment, and developed an understanding of different cleaning techniques and chemicals.

Ian left the car dealership after a few years to pursue better paying work on an offshore oil and gas rig, but he always stayed true to detailing as a sideline. Once again, his co-workers were impressed with how great his vehicles looked and they kept him busy maintaining theirs as well.

Air Force One Detailer

In September 2015, after getting laid off from the oil rig, Ian decided it was time to create his own path in the detailing business. Now in full control of his detailing career, Ian began researching advanced detailing training to perfect his existing skills and perhaps learn a few new ones.

And that’s where Ian’s career path in detailing took a unique turn.

Ian took a 5-day certification class from Renny Doyle of Detailing Success in Big Bear, California. Doyle is known as the Detailer of Air Force One for his ongoing restoration and preservation of the first presidential jet Air Force One on display at Seattle’s Museum of Flight.

Not only did Ian earn his Detailing Success Business, Paint Correction, Headlight Repair, and Ceramic Coatings certifications, but he was selected for a coveted spot on Doyle’s 2016 Air Force One Detailing Team. He also earned dual certifications from the International Detailing Association (CD, SV), which included an advanced hands-on Skills Validation designation – the highest certification awarded by industry professionals.

Now Ian was not only a detailer, but an automotive paint specialist. He opened his first detailing shop out of his home garage, fittingly named Red Beard’s Garage in Coweta, Oklahoma. Although he did well, he needed more space and wanted to grow his detailing business beyond a home-based business.

Specializing in Exterior Paint Enhancement & Ceramic Coatings

In May 2017, Ian moved to Tulsa where he opened Red Beard’s Detail Shop in a busy industrial complex. The opening of his new shop prevented his being able to accept an invitation to the 2017 AFO Team, but now his 750-sq.ft. detailing shop offers the most innovative detailing and paint correction services in Oklahoma, specializing in exterior paint enhancement and ceramic coatings.

He is also Oklahoma’s only Air Force One Detailer. If you are wondering how that benefits you as a car or truck owner, know that Ian in one of very few detailers in the country with experience cleaning and polishing paint and bright work on multimillion-dollar historical, museum-worthy airplanes!

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Ian Porter



“I am a Craftsman. I am an Artist. I am a Detailer.”