Our exclusive paint touch up repair system is guaranteed to match, leaving your vehicle’s finish chip free. Rest assured that our process is meticulous and thorough, addressing defects like chips, road rash, and scratches. Rates vary depending on the condition of vehicle and client expectations. Contact us today for your FREE QUOTE!
Check our frequently asked questions below, for more information

Paint Touch Up FAQ’s

Does the paint provide a permanent repair?

Yes, as far as we’ve tested. Lesser paints shrink up over time after they’ve dried and cured. Our exclusive paint system does not shrink. It should remain the same as it appears after application for years to come.

Will it work on scratches?

Our exclusive paint touch up system is primarily designed to address chips, but it will work well on certain types of scratches and poorly on others. It really depends on the severity of the scratch, to accurately determine repair quality. It is not designed for deep scratches; nor is it a replacement for body shop repair. But depending on your budget, it is a viable option.

How large a chip will the paint repair effectively?

Chips much larger than a pencil eraser will begin to lose the ‘dramatic’ effect we advertise. You can still paint chips larger than this with quality results, but the size, shape, depth, and color are all factors into the outcome of each repair when you get into damage much larger than this.

Are the chips still visible after painting?

Some are, some aren’t. Most small chips are not visible unless you’re trying to find them. “Road-rashed” vehicles contain thousands of small chips and most are not visible at all afterward, leaving the overall look of the vehicle dramatically improved. If it is one single chip, you’re probably going to still see it because you’re looking for it.

Will it work on plastic?

Yes. Our exclusive paint works well on fixing chips on painted bumpers and molding.

The chip I want to repair is lightly rusted, what do I do?

If you have surface rust in the area you want to paint, it will need to be removed it if possible. Thereby increasing cost.

Will the Touch-Up paint match my vehicles color?

Yes! We use OEM formulations supplied by the top paint manufacturers to match the color code.

Please keep in mind that this is a paint repair and paint touch up kit. It is not the answer for all paint repairs, nor is it a substitute for the body shop.